I randomly noticed today that SC and CT have Pony pics so meh, I added Cloud Climber to mine :P. (PEGASUS PONIES ARE EPICS! ^.^ :P)

(SC and CT, if you don’t want me using that pic then tell me and I’ll keep my pic the same.)

UPDATE: Meh, I guess Cloud Climber wasn’t the best pony for it sonce she isn’t really in the new series… So when all esle fails… APPLEJACK!!!

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About Three273 (AKA Redfoot of RiverClan)

Oh hey! I didn't know people usually take the time to read these!! (Well, I don't usually, anyway.) I play Poptropica, Minecraft, Pokemon (Fire Red right now but I'm going to play Emerald soonish), and Club Penguin. I like butter and bacon and potates and pie. mostly pie. You ca't beat pie.

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  1. MEEP Cloud Chaser not from the new series tho

  2. I’m guessing nobody has a problem with it or anything so… :P

  3. gσℓ∂єη ƒιяє αкα тαуℓσя кιηg αкα мαяιηα


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